The Urban Pantheist (urbpan) wrote,
The Urban Pantheist

Blue Hills, Milton Massachusetts

We still are taking care of my father's car, so we took the oppotunity for an impromptu ride down to the Blue Hills. Just south of Boston (the 128 loop cuts through it) the Blue Hills Reservation is a beautiful wild(ish) place--ancient worn granite hills covered in woods. It's the only place in Eastern Massachusetts with rattlesnakes (they are an extremely rare endangered species).

We hiked up the main trail of Great Blue Hill (635 feet elevation--believe it or not, one of the highest places on the East Coast) in about a half hour.

There is an observation tower at the top.

From there, you can observe...smog.

Oh, wait, if you squint you can see Boston!

It has been Hazy Hot and Humid these days.

(Inside it was dark and cool(er))

We hurried down, to beat the sunset!

Tags: blue hills, photos

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