July 31st, 2016


Dry white life in the woods

 photo IMGP3411_zpskhwk45xs.jpg
Without a daily blog project I've been letting photos build up a long time: these are from a walk we went on in the Stony Brook Reservation on July 8th. This is one of the only mushrooms I've seen all summer.

 photo IMGP3412_zpswhnc18sc.jpg
Not far away, feeding on the sugars shared between tree and fungus, are a group of ghost flowers, or monotrope.

 photo IMGP3413_zpshlcu2nwf.jpg
These parasites need no chlorophyll, so dot the forest with ghostly white instead of green.

 photo IMGP3414_zpsfij7fcv3.jpg
A distant relative in the same family, striped Pipsissewa is found from Canada to Panama, but is endangered across some of its range.

 photo IMGP3415_zpswac8f8ck.jpg
The plant is sometimes called striped wintergreen, or more confusingly, spotted wintergreen. Some government agencies have taken to calling it "striped Prince's Pine" in the misguided idea that this is somehow less confusing.