June 2nd, 2016


Picspam alert

I just got a month's worth of photos off my camera--funny how not having a daily blog project makes me take fewer pictures. I'm looking forward to sharing some of the spring images, but they're kind of a mess (I fumbled the upload) so I'm going to post them two or three at a time. There are like 56 or something total. The more I think about it the more tired I become. Should I start tonight or tomorrow?

non-collection birds

 photo IMGP3082_zpsynotj8ms.jpg
At work there was quite a commotion when one of the landscapers noticed this pair of screech owls and their 5 chicks in a small tree next to the gift shop! They got a lot of attention from animal lovers with binoculars and cameras. The next day they were seen a couple trees away, behind the gift shop where it was a bit quieter. Nice to see these wild predators doing well here.

 photo IMGP3084_zpsjdduoqw8.jpg
Right next to the front door of the gift shop this evergreen tree was sprouting an unusual growth. A very quiet still dove pretended I didn't notice it, and then so did I.