March 13th, 2016



I sure would like to be able to link my Livejournal and Tumblr accounts. It's easy to link Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and some others I don't use (to tumblr) but LJ always seems a bit more difficult. I guess LJ is supposed to be used differently, but I'd like some of my tumblr content to come over here automagically.

Livejournal is a little harder to use than the others--it just hasn't kept up with the way people use the internet, I guess. I will still use LJ because it feels more permanent (and is way easier to search than the others) but less frequently I guess.

Anyway, due to my dad's health issues (vertigo--this is apparently a thing) I was in four states in 6 hours yesterday.

Also this morning I posted this on Tumblr:

I was showing the curators a dead dove (window strike), carrying it around, absent-mindedly resting my finger in its mouth, in its crop. Miraculously, it came back to life!

Note to self: don’t try this outside of dreamland.

please dress me

I have been invited to represent my workplace at a high-end fundraiser (free food and booze).

Problem: I need to get a suit
Further problem: I am short and squat and nothing off the rack has ever fit me
Even further problem: I am cheap
Now you’re just being difficult: I hate shopping worse than almost anything

Possible solution: Order inexpensive suit online, have it altered to fit my Danny DeVito/Orang utan physique.

What do you think?