December 21st, 2010


Christmas Bird Count

The 37th Greater Boston Christmas Bird Count ( actually the 110 th-Belmont and Jamaica Plain have been covered since the very first CBC!) was held on Sunday December 19. One new Count bird was added to the overall total- a WHITE-WINGED DOVE which makes a total of 224 species! We recorded new record highs for all three scoters, Long-tailed Duck, Common Loon, Razorbill- thanks to the EXCELLENT coverage along the coast. Also record breaking counts for Canada Goose, Mallard, Red-bellied Woodpecker, White-breasted Nuthatch, Bohemian Waxwing, Orange-crowned Warbler, Dark-eyed Junco and unfortunately- House Sparrow. We had exactly 100 observers in the field! and recorded 123 species plus (so far) 4 additional species during count week (CW). For the very first time we missed Ring-necked Pheasant (high count of 211 in 1980) and for the second year in a row Bonapartes Gull (6500 in 1992- the last year of the sewage outfall pipe off Deer Island) was missed. There were three Snowy Owls at the airport, Norm Smith banded 2 of them and the third unbanded one was hit by a plane at 5:30PM. Thanks for everyone who helped make a very successful count.

[I wasn't involved in the count, but I found this interesting for several reasons.]
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