December 10th, 2010


Vote to prevent amphibian extinction!

So my boss, Dr. Eric Baitchman, when he isn't taking care of all of the animals in Franklin Park Zoo and Stone Zoo, is trying to stop the extinction of all the frog species on earth. He does his field work in Panama, researching the spread of the Chytrid Fungus, treatments for it, and perfecting captive husbandry of frogs and other amphibians, so that there will be a population to reintroduce when they get on top of the disease.

He is a finalist in a contest to win a $25,000 grant to support the project. It's success could literally mean saving multiple species of amphibian from disappearing forever. Please go over to this page, register and vote for proposal 2. It takes just a minute or so, doesn't cost you anything, and could be the only thing you do today to prevent the extinction of a species.

The Last Frogs on Earth thank you!