October 24th, 2010


Charlie's first canoe ride: Ipswich River

A bunch of my coworkers got together to form a paddling group. Neither me nor Dr. Susie own a boat, so we rented one. Charlie rode with us. Our first paddle together was probably also the last of the season. It was just above 40 degrees F when we got to the canoe rental place; the guy there said "Here are some brave souls!" Brave we were. Charlie had never been in a boat before, but he loves swimming more than anything else in the world; there was a real risk he would jump out of the canoe and flip it over. It was a little bit of a struggle to get him to get in the boat, and once he was in he was restless--cold aluminum on his tootsies! It was very cold when we headed upstream, but it got warmer and the scenery was gorgeous.

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