August 18th, 2010


I love Zookeeping

But it's really bad for your back. I've got separate upper and lower back strain injuries from lifting and carrying things, and I can really feel them when I bend and stoop, which is pretty much constantly at work. If health insurance was sane and logical, the zoo would be sending me to the gym to build strength in my abdominal muscles and upper body so that I would be less likely to injure myself and more able to lift and carry. Instead health insurance seems to mainly cover emergencies, like when you throw your back out and have to miss time at work.

I should go to a gym on my own, but it's just too expensive. Also, all these people that go to the gym all the time, when do they actually do it? My dad goes right when the gym opens at 5 or whatever. Other people seem to go after work. I guess there's time if you are willing to sacrifice it, but I feel like we have to grasp for all the time we have already.