July 25th, 2010


Durrell Wildlife

I took these pictures and then later understood more about the place. I could edit the lot of them and then reorganize them in a more educational order, but I'll save that for my powerpoint presentation for work. Enjoy them in their relatively raw state:

This was the view out my dorm room. The students and professors would gather back here after classes and meals to socialize (and smoke cigarettes). First thing in the morning this area would be full of grazing rabbits--there is one in the background of this picture, behind the yellow line.

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Urban Nature Pictures 7/15

While touring the zoo looking at pest control issues with a bird keeper, a European robin landed a foot away from us, clearly expecting something. American robins were named after European robins not only because their coloration is similar. Colonists noticed a behavioral similarity, with both birds attracted to areas of human activity. Both with particularly watchful eyes toward the human activity of disturbing the soil and exposing delicious invertebrates for easy eating.