July 1st, 2010

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Andy Goldsworthy question

Is there a list of Andy Goldsworthy's "permanent" works (in Britain)? I fully intend to see his Storm King Wall (a short drive away in western New York), but it occurs to me that there may be some pieces in England or Wales that he's done and haven't melted or eroded or washed away yet. This would qualify as something I would be very excited to travel to see--the Spiral Jetty (not by Goldsworthy but an amazing piece of environmental art) was major highlight of my trip two years ago, so if there was something on our trajectory this time it would be great to try to see it.

If I'd thought of this a couple weeks ago I wouldn't ask, I'd just google a path to what I wanted. Too late to be clever! Must rely on hive mind!


EDITED TO ADD: I'd love to see any major public art or environmental art exhibit over there, not just Goldsworthy.