June 8th, 2010


Mushrooms identified to Genus, probably.

Coprinus sp.

Marasmius sp.

Also, since I've seen the same mistake appear in my news alerts in 3 different Canadian newspapers, let me fix it:

Morels ARE NOT in the same Genus as truffles.

True morels are morchella, true truffles are tuber. I think what the original author (whose mistake is now multiply republished) was trying to convey is that morels and truffles are in the same PHYLUM, namely Ascomycota. The point probably was to distinguish them from the other phylum Basidiomycota, which contains nearly everything else that we use the word "mushroom" to describe. Saying that morels and truffles are in the same Genus is like saying humans and carp are in the same Genus--nope! Same phylum. See the difference? Yes I tried to post this petty rant on the first article I found with the error, but didn't jump through the hoops to register an account with the Alberta Courier or whatever it was.

Storm damage

Lots of branches and a few trees down in our neighborhood, after Sunday's storm. I drove around immediately after, looking to see how bad it was but I missed this one. Another one fell on an occupied car at a stoplight in Coolidge Corner, but the driver was okay.

According to the national weather service, air from 10,000 feet up was suddenly pushed to the ground, resulting in 70 mile an hour gusts and a huge temperature drop. It was amazing, and beautiful, and terrifying.

And they say there are no good Band Names left available

From work:
Naval Jelly. Autolysing porpoise. Threadgill Chamber.*

and just now on NPR:
"The cusp of perpetual darkness"

*(I named the Threadgill chamber after a former coworker who showed me how to make it: It's a big plastic jar with a piece of stockinet on the top. It's for putting small birds in to weigh them. I think "Threadgill Chamber Ensemble" would be a good name, for example.)