May 31st, 2010

boston in january

Smoke not from barbecues.

We just took the dogs on a walk, and there's a weird haze throughout an otherwise sunny day. At Ward's Pond, it looked almost like a fog was settling on the kettle. It turns out that it's smoke from a Canadian forest fire. Or rather, fromt eh more than 50 fires burning in Quebec.

It makes me think about the connectedness of places we think of as far away. It makes me worry about the Gulf.

Edited to add: The article above reports 5 mile visibility in Boston, it's gotten to be much worse than that. Can't see the Citgo sign through the haze, which is only 3 miles away or less. Saw a lady in the store with a surgical mask on.

Edited further to add: Here's what it looks like from right by my house. @universalhub twitter feed is calling it #SmokeMonsieur. Another friend is calling it #BurnQuebecBurn.