May 16th, 2010


Urban Nature Pictures 5/15, plus visiting an old friend

Two things that get blown out of oak trees in spring: inchworms and oak apples. I looked at this amazing page of eastern Massachusetts caterpillar photos but couldn't identify the inchworm. Small green and non-descript, and an early instar besides. EDIT: But after I posted this, the author/photographer of that caterpillar website commented to say it was the caterpillar of a winter moth! I did find some lovely forest wildflowers.

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What did they have before?

China Subsidy for Rat-Proof Refrigerators Feeds Appliance Boom

I feel bad for the millions of people of China who up until now had to deal with rats getting into their refrigerators. I guess they mostly didn't have refrigerators before, but now they will. I wonder what hundreds of thousands of new appliances will do to China's energy demands? On the one hand, no one wants rats in their food. On the other hand, someone is going to need some more oil and coal for their power plants.