April 25th, 2010


House Sparrow Regret and other topics

The worst part of Sunday is that feeling that you haven't quite done everything you need to get done before work starts again and "free time" is once again whatever you can squeeze in between what you have to do every day no exception, when you are already bone tired from work and want to just mess around, like you did all Sunday. In that spirit, I shall procrastinate by reposting more "tweets of old."

WANTED at once: 500 skunk hides. KY1909

A flock of birds, miles in length, obscured the heavens like a dark cloud. Their noise was like the rush of a mighty wind. AL1887

The man, divested of his clothing and attempting to eat grass, gave an "open air" performance before being arrested.PA1904
(Did the SIM program start that long ago?)

A small rat terrier, his two right legs injured, ran past the depot on his two left legs, making very good time. NY1883

Noun LeBlue died Tuesday evening at 8 o’clock. The faith doctors asserted that he had a live snake inside of him. LA1909

English sparrows may now be killed within the city limits by any means, except firearms. Two cents per head.DC1883

Dennis Dineen is suing the ASPCA for importing sparrows which made havoc with his early vegetables last year.QC1882

A bright little lad inquired if there is a bounty on killing crows. His countenance fell upon being told there was not. PA1891

A bevy of howling dogs make the nights hideous in our town. Revenge with a double barreled shot gun would be fully justified. KS1890

The English sparrows drive away song birds. Let the boys shoot them; they make a fine pot-pie. NC1893

Music can no longer be played in Austin saloons. TX1901
(Not strictly urban nature related, but shocking nonetheless!)

The carrier pigeons were not turned loose for their long flight to Colorado due to the hazy atmosphere. MO1909

We should quit our waste of fuel and hunt for some substitute for coal,wood and oil, which are going to give out. CA1900

Free roaming cattle, mules, sheep, goats, horses, jacks and jennetts are now prohibited within Arlington city limits. TX1901

Mr. Chas. H. Junkins has gone out of the duck business, having disposed of his flock to John L. Hatch. ME1892

An old lady, about 50 years old, was attacked by an infuriated steer and tossed into the gutter. MO1875

A turtle was taken from the St. John’s River with the Spanish coat-of-arms and the date 1700 engraved upon his back. AL1880