March 30th, 2010


Noticing the year, end of March 2010.

March: "in like extreme flood conditions, out like extreme flood conditions." Not too catchy.

The last I heard we've had 13 inches of rain this month, and it's expected to continue through tomorrow. It's already officially the rainiest March on record, and as I said on the other social media, it's more rain than 1/3 of Portland Oregon's annual average. Apparently Rhode Island has it the worst, and if you look at a map of it you'll see why: it's mostly water! A coworker who lives in the "almost Rhode Island" part of Massachusetts got a robocall from her kids school saying that afterschool programs were canceled on account of the school washing out to sea. Well, no, it didn't say why, but it was surely something like that.

The Muddy is flooded, but not as much as last time. In fact I can see that it's down a bit from an hour ago. Still, the news reports that if it goes up another foot they'll have to dam the nearby subway tunnel to keep the first underground stop from flooding. Kenmore station flooded a decade or so ago, causing big trouble for commuters and presumably the people who work on the subway.

My favorite thing to follow on twitter is TweetsofOld, which is old newpaper headlines turned into tweets. Today seemed appropriate for the weather, and my journal: "Charles Harris, of Lewes, suffered a painful laceration of the tongue when he tried to mesmerize a snapping turtle. (Delaware, 1908)" That silly Charles Harris! Stick to mesmerizing chickens you dang fool, snappers are dangerous!