March 11th, 2010



I kind of lost my temper the other day with that Las Vegas mushroom article, so it's nice to get some good mushroom press in my inbox:

Here's a great piece from San Francisco about how to encourage different kinds of mushrooms to grwo in your garden. The article describes four different basic mushroom niches (parasite, saprobe, symbiote, and "opportunist" a new category for me) and how to encourage what you want and discourage ones that might destroy your trees. The whole tone of the article is myco-positive and well worth passing along.

This blog post warmed my heart. A class at a Montessori school did a unit on fungi including a lot of hands-on learning, and culminating in some eating. These are 3-6 year old children, in a unit called "Taxonomy: the Fungi Kingdom." These kids have an amazing head start in understanding the role of fungi in the environment, and the teachers have prevented mycophobia from developing in a whole group of young people. I love the photos of these very small children handling the mushrooms, and holding them right up to their faces to smell them--no masks or gloves needed!
Edited to add part 2.

Urban Nature Pictures 3/11, plus some links

I've been sitting on this hermaphrodite chicken story for a while, and then I heard them talking about it on NPR. I just wanted to use my tag again.

I didn't eat any whale while I was in Greenland, though I saw it for sale. If I'd known it was so forbidden in the US I might have, just for the experience. There they eat the non-endangered Minke whale. If you wanted some meat from an endangered Sei whale, then you could have gone to HUMP, a sushi restaurant in L.A. until recently, but then the Feds shut them down for selling horse and whale meat. (For the record: I am against selling endangered whale meat, very much FOR selling horse meat.)

HEY look at the cool frog!