March 2nd, 2010


March first.

Yesterday was March First.

In 2004 I noticed that it was warm after a period of cold. Waterfowl were breaking from mixed species groups and forming pairs, and songbirds were singing. I had just begun to ride my bike to work again after presumably stopping for the winter. I noticed crows were rebounding from the previous years' devastation from West Nile, and I saw more Cooper's Hawks around. I was happy about the returning light, and fantasized about moving to Florida.

In 2005 we had a blizzard.

In 2006 I forgot my coffee at home and was glum and despondent about pondering where we are going to end up living. Then I had some coffee and felt good about it. There are 72 comments to this entry (mostly Alexis or myself telling people why their suggestion is unsuitable.

In 2007 I took a snapshot of picnic tables in the snow.

In 2008 I posted links to stories about obnoxious zoo guests, living things that cause weather, and a set of pictures of the Charles River on a slushy day.

In 2009 I prepared for a predicted snowstorm by venting about all the crazy busy things in my life (about only 75% of which actually happened) and started the Muddy River project.