February 24th, 2010


Noticing the year: end of February 2010

Just a quick weather note, since ours seems to be so different from friends just a few towns away from the city. Snow (mixed with rain) starting yesterday morning was predicted. Nothing fell while I was awake, and after sleeping there was a steady light rain happening, which persists to this moment. What snow we did have is gone, replaced by an inch of mud on top of frozen soil (dangerous walking if you stray from the sidewalks).

Frankly, a little light snow would help my pest control efforts, but I'm happy not to have to shovel anything. My dad is supposed to come up this weekend but it isn't looking good. Even if we continue to have just rain, it's snow and slush out where he is. It isn't supposed to stop until next week, and then only for a day in between precipitation events. Daytime temps have been hovering in the high 30s.

Reports of snowdrops and daffodils are assumed to be mass hysteria until further notice.

Urban Nature Pictures 2/24

Devine Golf Course, Franklin Park.

...this 18 hole public golf facility is the second oldest public course in America. Considered one of the finest jewels in "Olmstead's Emerald Necklace," this venerable old course offers a pleasant inner city golfing experience only minutes from downtown Boston.

There are one hundred and eleven hits on google for the 5 word phrase in bold above, from what I can tell, all referring to this golf course (and all copy/pasted from some original source). I can't vouch for the golf since I don't play, but I like to walk along the course, especially in winter when they don't play as much. There were some people playing yesterday though.

Get Your War On

News from the States.

This should be especially informative for those of you outside the U.S.

In Utah women are primarily vessels for incubating children, and they will be punished if they act otherwise.

In Arizona, thinly veiled racism is alive and well. (bonus fun fact: Arizona was one of the last 3 states to make Martin Luther King day a holiday; the others being "Confederate Flag" South Dakota and our next state...)

New Hampshire is hilariously explicit with its bigotry!

I know you'll think I'm cherry picking weird news stories about politicians being insane, and I am, but fair is fair. My state?

In Massachusetts we equate voter frustration with flying an airplane into a building full of people.