February 7th, 2010


Urban Nature Pictures 2/6

Honey locust pods.

Pretty bleak out there yesterday. I started walking Charlie along the Muddy, and just got disappointed by how cold and colorless and ugly it looked. That's probably a reflection of something inside me rather than an accurate depiction of the park. So I left the Riverway and went behind the apartment buildings that border it, but are separated by the trolley tracks. Still pretty colorless, but at least there were some things I hadn't taken pictures of before. As nasty as it was out, I'm thankful to be spared the two feet of snow that other places got.


boxes full of papers

Ideally, I'd take all the boxes full of papers that I own, and bury them all in a huge hole somewhere without looking in them. That would take them out of my life without the taske of actually looking through them (which, due to my process would take months--i have to look at everything, and recategorize it into new boxes) and I would have the peace of mind thinking that they would be possibly useful to future historians. Not that they have any use--and if they do i wouldn't discover it without poring over ever boxful--but the thought that they might completely paralyzes me. I need a therapist to help me through decluttering.