February 6th, 2010



The snow here is falling in a way that suggests that any minute the cork will come out and we'll be buried. According to the forecasters that won't happen in Boston, and D.C. is already under a foot of the stuff. Also, the word "snowpocalypse," coined by the internets and popularized by damnportlanders has been picked up by major international news media. I'm looking forward to the many posts by my friends in the midatlantic states about their own snowpocalypses.

We finally finished watching "X-Men Origins: Wolverine" last night. Alexis said it looked like it was made by robots (I suggested perhaps the script-bot 2000) but had a general positive opinion of it. I enjoyed it a lot, an felt that the by-the-numbers script was probably an improvement over the deliberately confusing version spread over years of comic book storylines--including crap written by Rob Liefeld. It wasn't exactly Iron Man, but it was a vast improvement over the third X-Men movie.

After that, we were looking for something light and funny that we haven't watched over and over again (our cartoon collection is well-worn) and I remembered that I got a copy of Thor At the Bus Stop that my brother gave to my father to give to me. (He prefers the drug mule method of dvd exchange to trusting the us mail I guess.) Andy played it for us the last time the three of us were together and I loved it--A low-budget fantasy comedy held together with it's script and talented ensemble cast--oh, and the amazing props designed by art designer F. Andrew Taylor. Nepotism aside, it's really funny and heartwarming, and I hope that it comes to a film festival near you, Failing that, buy the DVD!

I said it was like a pg-rated Kevin Smith movie, but it's much funnier than that makes it sound. Unfortunately I couldn't get it to play on either of our semi-functional DVD players, so we'll have to bring it out to the x-box and make it a living room family fun time movie.

I went to visit my Dad the day before yesterday, driving right after work. I really hated the drive--the Mass Pike has become too small and too often congested with traffic, just like the roads it was designed to replace. But the next day, driving in the morning, it was really nice. I like the area a lot, especially north of Connecticut. If I thought there jobs for us there, and if I thought we could deal with cold and snow better in the country than in the city, I'd lobby hard for a move to Belchertown. As luck would have it, Alexis is going to Belchertown tomorrow to add to her photo portfolio. (Warning--naked picture of me hidden somewhere in that gallery.) Maybe she'll love it, probably she'll just complain about how cold it is.

I was surprised when I found out that non-New Englanders think the name "Belchertown" is funny. I've heard it since I was a child and never really thought about the fact that the word "belch" is in it. Now if it were "Flatulantown" that would be something.

EDITED TO ADD: Thanks to drhoz for this link of old photos of celebrities, in most cases before their peak of fame. A sample image: