February 5th, 2010


Pretty Connecticut

New England is just so goddamn beautiful. Sometimes you have to catch it early when it's still sleepy.

This male house finch appears to be unwell, the only reason I was able to get a decent picture of him. They aren't native to New England, but people seem to like them pretty well anyway. This one might have conjunctivitis--a lot of them get this, often from dirty birdfeeders.
Me and Charlie in the Arnold Arboretum

Urban Nature Pictures 2/5

Reeds fruiting with industrial plant in the background, Agawam Massachusetts.

The exhaust from this place (which seems to be Atlas Founders Inc.) was visible from a long ways off. I became obsessed with it and drove all the way around trying to find the best view.

I liked the look of it when the exhaust blocked the rising sun.