January 31st, 2010


3:00 snapshot #412

The thing I love about snapshots are the little details that don't seem important. When you look at old pictures, the most interesting things are not what the photographer intended, I find. It's the way appliances look, or clothes, or wallpaper. 20 years from now, what will be the most interesting thing? Her hair? The iPod? The Giant Robot t-shirt?

Urban Nature Pictures day 30

You can so much more in the winter. The street is Longwood Ave, the big building is part of the storied and controversial Longwood Towers. You can also see the trolley tracks and the train tunnel under Longwood Ave. The big trees are northern red oaks, old enough to have been standing by the river when Olmsted designed the park. The little ess shaped tree is a flowering dogwood I've tried to photograph many times.