January 23rd, 2010


Urban Nature Pictures day 22

Female mallard trapped in a small space between buildings.
This happened again. It's such a bizarre occurrence, and it only happened 3 weeks ago, so there's some thought that this is the same exact duck. I wish we'd banded it so we could tell for sure. This time the rescue effort was complicated by snow and ice on the roof. I screwed up my lower back somehow, probably while moving the ladder around.
Charlie's jacket

Adopt a dog

I know that if you are reading this and want a pet, you have one, or can't have one for some reason. On the off chance that you are reading this right at the moment that your life has changed and you can have a dog, I will heartily recommend T'Shana. I got to meet her on her first day of adoptability last week. She's a young pit bull full of affection and energy. I was stopping by the MSPCA adoption center to drop off a bag full of dog toys that the zoo was redonating. (they were donated to our enrichment committee, but they were not sturdy enough toys to give to zoo animals) She was so sweet and fun that I wished I could have taken her home on the spot. So here's hoping one of you can, and will take lots of pictures of her. Look at those eyes!


Gayest Cities

The Advocate just published their list of the 15 Gayest U.S. Cities. What's most surprising are the omissions. NO San Francisco, NO Provincetown, NO Key West. The criteria used to determine gayness were: Same-sex couples per capita (anti-single bias!), Statewide Marriage Equality (So long, California cities!), Gay Elected Officials, Gay Bars per capita (there goes Salt Lake City's chances), and then some weird web-based ones including cruising spots and Netflix favorites.

Why do I care? Because gay-friendly cities are more liberal and more well-educated and more cultured, and those are the kinds of places I want to live. Sorry if it's a stereotype, but gay people being out of the closet strongly correlates with art museums, colleges, and Democrats.

So the Advocate's site spreads the results over 6 pages, probably to boost ad revenue. I've listed them behind the cut for your convenience:
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