January 9th, 2010


Joining Ape Rock, already in progress!

First of all, thanks so much for your donations! I'm sorry I had to post a nagging followup to the first post, but I was getting nervous. Our fund raising is going quite well!

Second, Dan is still rocking in his chair as I type this. Right about now he should be doing storytelling for the kids, which, considering his sleep-deprived state when I saw him at 3 in the morning, should be entertaining. If you are in the area, you should go in to the zoo and see him. It's a nice day in Boston, and it's plenty warm in the Tropical Forest exhibit. They scatter food for the gorillas at 2 p.m. (which is when Dan gets to get out of the chair for good).

If you can't make it, here are some pictures of the event as I saw it:

2 p.m. yesterday, Dan begins to rock.

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