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Fall walks, part four: Urban Nature Walk in Franklin Park

 photo IMGP3853_zpsrfsunsu1.jpg
I decided on a bit of a whim to do an Urban Nature Walk in Franklin Park. I took Charlie. We met one other walk participant there. I was there to find mushroom species for the Franklin Park Biodiversity Project.

 photo IMGP3852_zpsszxayx0v.jpg

 photo IMGP3854_zpsj7ffa74y.jpg

 photo IMGP3856_zps5hofivt3.jpg
It was raining, so tiny mushrooms right off the bat!

 photo IMGP3859_zpselzxptav.jpg
Then a trip through the spooky tunnel to the Franklin Park Wilderness.

 photo IMGP3860_zpsu4fiyetx.jpg

 photo IMGP3861_zpsamittec4.jpg
On the paved paths the rain had washed the leaves into orderly stacks.

 photo IMGP3862_zpsx2loehw1.jpg

 photo IMGP3863_zpsf7rswnwy.jpg
Stereum complicatum.

 photo IMGP3864_zpsedmvtt9b.jpg
Trichaptum biforme

 photo IMGP3865_zpsvk95qhci.jpg
The orange goop here is a mushroom I've been calling "fish flesh polypore." Turns out it's more than one species, and they aren't polypores. Heres "fish flesh crust," Phlebia radiata.

 photo IMGP3868_zpsxmnj4vvf.jpg
Panellus serotinus

 photo IMGP3869_zpsgvyn9jwv.jpg
Daedaleopsis confragosa

 photo IMGP3871_zps2gjl8d7e.jpg
Trichaptum biforme ringed around a tree hole full of water and specked with globular springtails.

 photo IMGP3872_zpsqwqzvdbg.jpg
White cheese polypore Tyromyces chioneus.

 photo IMGP3873_zps45wpdbv1.jpg
This tiny one is probably a Marasmius sp.

 photo IMGP3875_zpsn40sjrj5.jpg
And it's underside seems to agree with that ID.

 photo IMGP3878_zps31zoqxtx.jpg
Charlie enjoyed meeting his new friend.

 photo IMGP3879_zpsgnxdfzen.jpg
We ended up in a part of the park completely new to me--this is an abandoned car.

 photo IMGP3880_zpsndpbh1ky.jpg
The forest was doing a nice job of reclaiming the elements.

 photo IMGP3881_zpsidnxv2q0.jpg
Very cute "Probably Mycenas."

 photo IMGP3883_zpsypp0xfz3.jpg
A whole log's worth of white cheese polypores.

 photo IMGP3884_zpsgxc2zp17.jpg
These were almost too small to be what I think they are: sulfur tuft mushrooms Naematoloma fasciculare

 photo IMGP3885_zpstywv7shm.jpg
They like to cluster together.

 photo IMGP3886_zpsjf4zgiy4.jpg
I will call this one "fish flesh shelf" Phlebia tremellosa

 photo IMGP3887_zpspjzousa2.jpg
We were almost done when my co-walker pointed out these little puffballs! Lycoperdon sp.
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