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The Taylor guys go to Memphis!

 photo IMG_4655_zpshbev2zez.jpg

The zookeeper conference this year was in Memphis, meaning a new city for us to explore!

 photo IMG_4646_zpshqhofpgi.jpg
This was one of only cultural things I really wanted to see: Sun Studios, where Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee Lewis and other greats recorded their first records.

 photo IMG_4648_zpsvili3lpi.jpg
It was closed, which meant we couldn't poke around the gift shop, but it made for a nice sunset.

 photo IMG_4653_zps6tspuox7.jpg
Then we ended up at this place, part of the beautiful development along the Mississipi River.

 photo IMG_4650_zps0j8xa0ay.jpg
It looks pretty big along this stretch.

 photo IMG_4652_zps24rbykwf.jpg
The cylindrical building is a footbridge. The car bridge to Arkansas is in the background.

 photo IMG_4660_zpswaqpsswz.jpg
Audubon stood here and thought about birds.

 photo IMG_4654_zpszli05ayz.jpg
And downriver just a bit, one of the largest pyramids in the world (somewhere between the 5th largest and 10th largest depending who you ask). More about that in the next post!
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