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First day with the new lens

 photo IMGP3171_zpsbxypz5bg.jpg
Ever since I got a digital pentax slr I've had my eye on a particular macro lens. It's not even made by pentax, but it is prohibitively expensive: in the four to five hundred dollar range on Amazon, whenever I check. I checked eBay randomly a week ago, and found it for $275. I thought about what I really like to take pictures of--bugs and mushrroms--and how I've spent a lot of time and money trying to find a reasonably priced way to do it. I bought the lens. Here is the first photo I took with it, a strawberry in our garden.

 photo IMGP3170_zpsf7y5e5tt.jpg
These clustered troops came up around the big log sections that serve as our fire pit seats.

 photo IMGP3173_zpshiripmas.jpg

 photo IMGP3175_zpswsmndqmu.jpg
The lens has a 90mm focal length, which is used for portraits as well. It allows you to get closer than the subject thinks you are, without being freakish. Alexis' scalp is dyed from her hair dye.

 photo IMGP3176_zpsbyy8tmuu.jpg
I was ten or fifteen feet from this adorableness.

 photo IMGP3179_zpsmezsawlf.jpg

 photo IMGP3184_zps9ksckfc1.jpg
This lens really allows me to show you how gross my thumbnail is.

 photo IMGP3191_zpsabgfq7e4.jpg
After the sun set, this large new insect visited. It's a spring fishfly Chauliodes rastricornis, attracted to the porch light. Like most insects it isn't beneficial or noxious, it just comes to lights.

 photo IMGP3197_zps0z9nwt3v.jpg
These pretty yellow flies hang out on the underside of the developing sunflower leaves. They're sunflower maggot flies, a genus (Strauzia) of flies that lays their eggs in the stems of plants in the sunflower family.

 photo IMGP3202_zpsaejdebre.jpg
And a new lens needs to be broken in with a voyeuristic shot, of course. These two cabbage whites intend to make many green caterpillars to eat all the weedy and cultivated plants in the mustard family.


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Jun. 10th, 2016 11:19 pm (UTC)
I know nothing about lenses, but the photos look great!
Jun. 11th, 2016 08:51 pm (UTC)
Awesome photos.
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