The Urban Pantheist (urbpan) wrote,
The Urban Pantheist

More pictures from LA--and not in Venice this time

 photo IMGP2944_zpss2pbhfbc.jpg
What is that group of people doing, way down the concrete slope, sitting at the edge of the water?

 photo IMGP2945_zpsna0kpjmr.jpg
Oh now I see, it's the LA river, made famous by appearing in car chases in many movies.

 photo IMGP2946_zps5aokmhv1.jpg
And these people are picnicking on it!

 photo IMGP2951_zps8lun3o2r.jpg
The river is very shallow right at the edge.

 photo IMGP2952_zpsdtbvrn3q.jpg
Our rental dog went into the water for the first time!

 photo IMGP2961_zpsxkemshj5.jpg
One of the other dogs that was there went in to the water a bunch.

 photo IMGP2962_zpsbrhqeabu.jpg
The picnic area was just down from a bike path.

 photo IMGP2967_zpskzrwhyed.jpg
Dogs and humans enjoyed running up and down the steep slope.

 photo IMGP2969_zpsgc6uufqh.jpg
There were valentines for the river, made of red leaves.

 photo IMGP2970_zpscjssm3sy.jpg
The sky went pink to celebrate Valentine's Day.

 photo IMGP2978_zpsbght0gv8.jpg
One of the organizers went a-clamberin'.

 photo IMGP2971_zps9g7qc8h0.jpg
The other organizer, here in silhouette, was my old friend rockbalancer! Thanks for a great time Lila!!
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