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Venice, part one of god knows how many

That last post was a rhetorical question obviously.

 photo IMGP2921_zps8nxyycz0.jpg
It turns out we spent 95% of our time in Venice (you know, where Venice Beach is)

 photo IMGP2858_zpsbhdb3xvh.jpg
And wouldn'tcha know it there are canals there? Did you know that? (I didn't)

 photo IMGP2856_zpsuf4mufxi.jpg
Canals with American coots!

 photo IMGP2854_zps4n6vyhkc.jpg
And snowy egrets!

 photo IMGP2859_zps8zw1rlua.jpg
An Angelino friend described the canals as "stinky stinky" but I didn't notice that.

 photo IMGP2861_zpslopnfkcx.jpg
In a city that is starving for moisture it was great to be by the water.

 photo IMGP2863_zpsaowd09x0.jpg
You have to be a real high roller to rock a hippo paddleboat.

Next: more walking in LA (nobody walks in LA)
Tags: alexis, american coot, california, dogs, los angeles, pit bulls, snowy egret, urban wildlife

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