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science museum basement

 photo IMGP2828_zpsoubs7uo2.jpg
This black rat snake was showing off its extraordinary climbing ability.

 photo IMGP2829_zpsmzlzm9wh.jpg
The monotrope and the eft are artificial; not sure about the leaves and stuff.

 photo IMGP2834_zpsyxykogsw.jpg
More fake monotrope, and some taxidermy rodents.

 photo IMGP2832_zps2cto0lzk.jpg
An Atlantic salmon peeks out.

 photo IMGP2837_zpswm2gtsfp.jpg
An anglerfish archerfish lurks in artificial mangrove roots.

 photo IMGP2841_zpsodwvpcqt.jpg
I didn't get this fellow's name, but they were hanging on in a shore exhibit that was intermittently jostled with wave action.
Tags: captive wildlife, chipmunk, fish, monotropa, snakes, taxidermy, woodchuck, zoos

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