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280 days of Urbpandemonium #222

 photo P1070458_zps6jevtywu.jpg
I'm currently using a second-hand point and shoot camera with a passable macro feature--and here I've put a hand lens in front of it in an attempt to visualize a very small animal.

 photo P1070460_zpsrogj4coy.jpg
The animal is a globular springtail (Order Symphypleona*), less than a millimeter long. These charismatic relatives of insects walk about grazing on edible particles, but can jump away suddenly with a lighting-quick flex of their springy appendage, the furcula. Because their predators are also very small and necessarily nearsighted animals, this escape method is virtually teleportation.

 photo P1070462_zpsklbimw8v.jpg
This pair of springtails may be eating mold spores growing on the surface of this damp moss. Their surprisingly complex behavior is explored on the BBC series Life in the Undergrowth.

*New Latin symphy- (from Greek symphyēs grown together) + -pleona (from Greek plein to swim
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