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Boston Area Mushroom Lectures!


NOTE: All classes will be held on Monday evenings at 7 P.M. in the Harvard Herbaria seminar room. The Herbaria is/are at the end of Divinity Avenue in Cambridge; directions are on the the BMC website, as are directions for parking. Note that there is a charge for these classes: $10 for one; $25 for all five. You can pay by PayPal on the website, or at the door. If the latter, please register with Marcia at: mjacob5@verizon.net. While all members are welcome, we have designed these classes to be most valuable to beginners. You might be a beginner at the start, but after all five classes, you will know more than many long-time mushroom hunters. These classes are for Club members only. If you have a friend who’d like to take them, and is not a Club member, this is a great opportunity for them to join the BMC!

Sept. 14th:  The Fungi in the Forest: Susan Goldhor.   When you walk through the woods, the fungi you see are only a tiny fraction of the fungi that are there. Susan will talk about the invisible fungi that actually run this ecosystem.  We guarantee that you'll never look at the forest the same way again!  Susan is a biologist who is fascinated by fungal effects on ecosystems and by the fact that so many folks who manage ecosystems know nothing about fungi.

Sept. 21st:  How to Collect, Handle and Document Your Finds: Jason Karakehian.  Good field notes and collecting practices will save you time in identifying your specimen. And, although there are few scientific fields where amateurs can make real contributions, mycology is one.  However, for your collection to have meaning and value, you'll need to document characters of the living fruit body, and Jason, who is the Club's archivist and also a researcher at the Farlow, will tell you how to do this.  He'll also tell you how to photograph mushrooms so that others can identify them.

Sept. 28th:   Ten Unmistakeable Edibles: Susan Goldhor.  The President of the BMC tells you about the ten most delicious edibles in our region; how to identify them and how to make sure that you get it right.  Ending with a very short excursion into cooking and eating wild mushrooms.

Oct. 5th: How You Can Identify the Mushrooms You Find: A Panel Discussion with Younger BMC Members Moderated by Jeanne Peterson.   Last year’s attendees said that the lecture on keying out mushrooms was too difficult and technical. We listened! This year we’ve asked some BMC members who were new to mushrooming only a few years ago to tell you how they got started. They’ll share their approaches to identification, the keys/books/websites/etc. they think are most useful, and the limits of Do-It-Yourself identification. Our moderator is a biologist who can fill in any blanks. This session is open to questions at any time, and you are encouraged to bring in specimens.

Oct. 19th:   How to Identify Trees (& Their Fungal Associates): Bryan Connolly and Jason Karakehian. Bryan was our state's official botanist until he left that position to become a professor at Framingham State College.  We figure he's the right person to teach us how to identify New England's tree species.  Why should you learn?  Because certain fungi are linked to particular trees.  This will aid you in finding that delicious specimen of (say) Grifola frondosa, and it will also aid you in documenting any fungus that you may find. since you'll be asked to note what trees it grew near.


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