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Cape Cod master post

 photo P1020999_zpsdwebui0d.jpg
I go to the Cape once a year--a coworker opens his family's house up to the zoo staff for a week. This time my 36 hour visit coincided with the Summer Solstice. Here's the bay side beach showing an awful lot of low tide.

 photo P1030001_zpsxztsmp7v.jpg
Pretty soon after arriving, we went to Buddha and Beads, an antique store. I wonder how long before the rat traps I use at work are valuable. The technology is basically the same.

 photo P1030002_zpssewradfs.jpg
I almost bought this, just because "Saturnalia '69" is such an awesome phrase. I'll let a glam metal band have it.

 photo P1030004_zpshtb2n7bj.jpg
The place really made me wish I had more money to spend on junk to put in my yard.

 photo P1030005_zps7yv1jweg.jpg
You know I wouldn't let the animal life go undocumented! This tiny land snail may have been an English garden snail, but I can't be sure.

 photo P1030015_zpsxltjap5h.jpg
The Cape has the best lichen in Massachusetts. Check out the Xanthoria on that tree back there!

 photo P1030010_zpszp2wqkwc.jpg
High tide at the end of the day.

 photo P1030017_zps9idd8df8.jpg
Oh, did you know the Provincetown Public Library has a ship in the middle of it? Now you do.

 photo P1030020_zpsmsfm5rys.jpg
Frankly, we were in the library to use the bathroom. The wait was long, so I focused very closely on this tiny insect on the window screen.

 photo P1030023_zpsuinjwtr9.jpg
It always seems like a celebration in Provincetown!

 photo P1030024_zpsdpx4pazf.jpg
The pace of traffic is nice.

 photo P1030025_zps0mwgdeib.jpg
U mad, Urbpan?

 photo P1030029_zps5d0emkiy.jpg
How to get around, I guess.

 photo P1030035_zpscvijwh2h.jpg
Or you could just lay around instead.

 photo P1030036_zpsc6cnp5ei.jpg
A show could break out at any minute!

 photo P1030055_zpsgkiyndjf.jpg
Then, back to the water!

 photo P1030060_zpsjdpfplgb.jpg
Stand still long enough and little fish nibble at your feet. Free pedicure?

 photo P1030066_zpsmptmx1lp.jpg
My zookeeper pal Sarah and I couldn't resist picking up and examining the local wildlife.

 photo P1030067_zpspphs1aed.jpg
This snail wasted no time in trying to leave my hand and get back to the water.

 photo P1030071_zps9cvrs3yd.jpg
Then Sarah found a very daring hermit crab!


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Jul. 4th, 2015 09:20 pm (UTC)
Lots of cool stuff. I feel boring today... I like your sunset picture best.
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