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Pride 2015

 photo P1020889_zpsyord3n3e.jpg
A week ago I went to Boston (gay) Pride for the first time in many years. One of the first things I noticed was a lot more pet-based groups. Here I am posing with the MSPCA dog character, who somehow did not die in the heat.

 photo P1020890_zps3yktjltj.jpg
I got there early--the tables were set up in City Hall Plaza, instead of on Boston Common as they had last time I was there.

 photo P1020892_zpsineuylw2.jpg
I couldn't resist a shot of this furry taking a smoke break.

 photo P1020893_zpszlzw5igu.jpg
After I'd been in the plaza for a while, I decided to head home. I found Tremont Street lined with hundreds and hundreds of people. Oh yeah, there's a parade coming, I forgot!

 photo P1020895_zpsgfvtgntg.jpg
Nice to see three of the Fab Four there in support.

 photo P1020896_zpsrpb3crfw.jpg
This year's theme was "Wicked Proud."

 photo P1020898_zpse4l8xtyv.jpg
I'm not sure how I feel about so many cops being involved. On the one hand, good for them for coming to support the cause. On the other hand, I can't help but think about them setting this whole thing into motion with their actions at Stonewall. Full circle, I guess.

 photo P1020900_zpsdymdf8ae.jpg
The guy in the white shirt on the inner right side of the rainbow is our new Mayor, Marty Walsh.

 photo P1020902_zps9gkdf11l.jpg
Lousy picture, but I had to show that Comicazi, a Somerville comic book store was there with Deadpool, Captain America, and several others, in colonial garb.

 photo P1020903_zpskky61pry.jpg
Here they are, my people, the pit bull owners, organized enough to be their own contingent in the Pride Parade.

 photo P1020907_zps7vmlkvog.jpg
I almost hurt my hands applauding for Veterans for Peace.

 photo P1020911_zpsz09xhneo.jpg
I walked the entire parade route. This is looking at the back end of the parade as it heads down Boylston Street into the heart of the city.


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