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April Urban Nature Walk at Nickerson Beach

 photo P1020363_zpslu8iooly.jpg
I'll let you in on a little secret that I won't tell them over at tumblr. I'm going to slow release a whole mess of photos of organisms from this day to try to catch up on my 280 days of urbpandemonium project. The following post is mostly people and places kind of pictures, and lots of them.

Nickerson Beach is on a peninsula neighborhood known as Squantum in the city of Quincy. It sticks up into Boston Harbor and is very close to a couple of the harbor islands.

 photo P1020364_zpspsi3vgeb.jpg
A pretty big group was there--twelve people including myself--some regulars, some newbies, and some folks I honestly hadn't seen in years!

 photo P1020370_zpscv1gyr6a.jpg
One of the participants was off on his own, catching snakes up on the wooded hill, and bringing them down for us on the beach. Our youngest participant was keen to hold snakes.

 photo P1020375_zps3o6liflq.jpg
The landscape was rugged and weird. We scattered across it looking at sea creatures and interesting debris.

 photo P1020381_zpsy58gunwr.jpg
Above the beach was a steep ledge, topped with birch trees.

 photo P1020386_zpskydgfssg.jpg
Our youngest member also found a heart-shaped rock.

 photo P1020395_zpskcsspfxt.jpg
The view across to Thompson Island, with the Boston skyline at the left.

 photo P1020387_zpslekpdxcs.jpg
The land on the right is Nickerson Beach, the land on the left is a sandbar that leads to Thompson Island. Here one half of the group tries to persuade the other half to make the crossing.

 photo P1020388_zpsofin2oey.jpg
Along the sandbar we find an abandoned boat, run aground and flooded with seawater.

 photo P1020396_zpsdea6qlp1.jpg
In the background is a bridge connecting the mainland to forbidden Moon Island.

 photo P1020402_zps6xrl8gmd.jpg
On our way out of the walk, the biggest snake of the day was found!

 photo P1020403_zpsh29yucuh.jpg
The obligatory group photo. Fun group! See you next month!


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Apr. 30th, 2015 12:53 am (UTC)
Looks like you had fun! Sorry I couldn't make it.
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