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Urban Nature Walk preview

 photo P1010386_zps1c81e53f.jpg
I know I told you folks that I would try to keep you in the loop a little better, when it comes to Urban Nature Walks. Well, I'm going to keep to a schedule of every last Sunday of each month. So that means a week from tomorrow is the next one. This would be a lot simpler if you just joined the facebook group: /www.facebook.com/groups/UrbanNatureWalk/
EDITED TO ADD: please let me know if you are signing up! I have to approve it, and I'm trying to avoid phishing schemes. Thanks, Chris!

 photo P1010388_zpsb542ed7f.jpg
This place is the D. Blake Hoar Nature Sanctuary in Chestnut Hill. Chestnut Hill is weird in that it's not a town, it's a neighborhood that comprises parts of the City of Newton, the Town of Brookline, and the City of Boston. I think Chestnut Hill residents identify more strongly with their neighborhood than with whatever town they happen to reside in. In any case, this sanctuary is in Brookline, but is adjacent to several other protected open spaces, and one could very easily find oneself inadvertently in Boston.

 photo P1010382_zpsb7bfa156.jpg
Here we see tracks from three different mammals who all may have crossed through multiple municipalities as they made their way through the snow.

 photo P1010383_zpsedaeb16c.jpg
The same three mammal species: a nice raccoon hand print, some rabbit footfalls, and a partial imprint of a human hiking boot.

 photo P1010384_zps66c3a0e8.jpg
Boardwalks cross through the sanctuary, presumably over a frozen swamp. These are built of recycled plastic--durable but slippery when coated with snow.

 photo P1010385_zps01595ccd.jpg
The less swampy parts are dominated by hemlocks and Roxbury puddingstone.

 photo P1010389_zps653e8e8c.jpg
A veritable raccoon highway.

 photo P1010390_zps22013865.jpg

 photo P1010394_zpsa4910c8c.jpg


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