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Pocket Mega Post

 photo IMG_8078_zpsf0b91775.jpg
Pocket's face! (My dad and Pocket).

What follows is lots of photos, mostly of Pocket. Mostly taken with my phone, in the dark, at a party. Not great quality. Imagine if you followed me on Instagram (@urbpan) you would have had these spammed to your phone in real time!

 photo IMG_0185_zpscae369e8.jpg
Yesterday I set Pocket down next to Charlie and they cuddled in the sun for a while.

 photo IMG_0186_zps26cb3152.jpg
To my surprise, not only didn't Charlie leave in disgust, Maggie came over and joined them!

Now to the halloween party:

 photo IMG_0188_zps02adae42.jpg
First Kiki's gentleman friend Justin held Pocket for about a half hour. His nurturing vibes caused spontaneous ovulation in a 50 meter radius.

 photo IMG_0197_zpsf50b457c.jpg
Even mummies love puppies.

 photo IMG_0192_zps1f936f3c.jpg
Checking out the taxidermy in Kikipuff's room.

 photo IMG_0193_zps4c38984d.jpg
My buddy Sarah seems delighted about the puppy.

 photo IMG_0196_zpsaa78ef43.jpg
That mummy better keep a safe distance from the fire.

 photo IMG_0199_zps138a3b4c.jpg
Gabe, a zookeeper from another zoo cleverly dressed as a zookeeper from our zoo, proclaimed that he must keep the Pocket.

 photo IMG_0198_zps46919488.jpg
Rachel, dressed as a ghost, was worried she would look scary with the puppy. Instead she looks hauntingly lovely.

 photo IMG_0200_zpsaef41335.jpg
Tom is clearly beside himself.

 photo IMG_0204_zpsf9a3aae3.jpg
Aubrey was worried that her cold flesh (natural, not part of a costume) would chill the poor puppy.

 photo IMG_0205_zpsa04cb8dc.jpg
Kelly cuddles.

 photo IMG_0201_zpseb3f13cb.jpg
Even Gomez Addams can't resist the cute!

 photo IMG_0203_zps235a3984.jpg
A puppy fit for a queen.

 photo IMG_0202_zpsc7c86819.jpg
I hadn't met this Frenchman before but, Ooh la la, I guess!

 photo IMG_0207_zps415000dc.jpg
Siobhan is a kitty who loves puppies!

 photo IMG_0208_zpsf79a8a28.jpg
All babies love pacifiers!

 photo IMG_0211_zpsb8e846f4.jpg
Grace's hideous neck wound won't get in the way of enjoying some puppy time!

 photo IMG_0189_zpsac1467b6.jpg
Pocket returns to the marsupium from which she came.


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