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 photo IMG_7849_zps4964779b.jpg
Despite the dry conditions, there was a bloom of reishi mushrooms coming from subterranean roots

Urban Nature Walk returns to the Riverway, on a quest to reach Ward's Pond, the spring that gives it water. I quickly got over doing an UNW on a Saturday (I have a mushroom class tomorrow) and met up with the group by the Longwood T stop. The first three to show up all brought gigantic cameras, so I will look forward to seeing their pictures, and linking you to them as well.

 photo IMG_7850_zpsb67367fe.jpg
This is the underside of a weird gall--pro tip, if you want to ID a gall, know what plant it's on.
EDITED: Charley Eiseman identified this as a cedar apple rust lesion. The threads are the spore-producing bodies of this two-host parasitic fungus.

 photo IMG_7851_zps08603100.jpg
Here's the top of that gall--I think it's a tree in the genus Prunus but I'm not sure.
EDITED: Eiseman pointed out this is an apple tree (crabapple Malus sp.)

 photo IMG_7852_zpsef634e72.jpg
This fun acorn belongs to a bur oak Quercus macrocarpa.

 photo IMG_7854_zpsb8b323dd.jpg
Some very small creature--I think perhaps a moth caterpillar--lived in between the top and bottom layers of this leaf and chewed its way around.
EDITED: Eiseman said "Stigmella intermedia ..assuming that's Rhus aromatica." (so, yes, a moth larva--assuming the plant is fragrant sumac)

 photo IMG_7855_zps086e6df4.jpg
We saw a number of grass spiders (what I used to refer to as funnel web spiders until I was chastised by the Australians).

 photo IMG_7862_zps5476ab84.jpg
We did indeed find another mushroom: a previously harvested and partially regrown Laetiporus cincinatus

 photo IMG_7860_zps7790d3fd.jpg
We made it to Ward's Pond! I saw lots of tiny dots on the waterlily leaves and assumed they were springtails. It wasn't until I blew this picture up did I realize that they were aphids.

 photo IMG_7859_zpscd0ee397.jpg
The six survivors who made it all the way!


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