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 photo IMG_7555_zpsd1e98913.jpg
Disney's Coronado Springs is a hotel and conference center complex composed of a dozen or so buildings surrounding an artificial lake. There are many plantings of palms and other exotic tropical plants, in well-maintained mulch bed. The week I was there the weather was hot and humid with almost daily downpours in the afternoon. I thought I might see some mushrooms. I was right.

 photo IMG_7561_zps2a15e6f9.jpg
Fortunately despite being a Disney site, there were relatively few freaky life-size animated characters around. This topiary of José Carioca had some surprises at his feet.

 photo IMG_7562_zps12a013cb.jpg
A group of medium sized mushrooms, reminiscent of Hypholoma sp. perhaps.

 photo IMG_7570_zps26e75ef2.jpg
These slender beauties look like Parasola plicatilis but then again lots of species do.

 photo IMG_7571_zps62c90646.jpg
If they are a different species, I suggest "pleated nipples" as a common name.

 photo IMG_7577_zps841b57a4.jpg
While I expected to see wood decay mushrooms in the mulch, I was a bit surprised to see these charming boletes, which are almost certainly mycorhizzally symbiotic with the palm tree.

 photo IMG_7578_zps02ea2968.jpg
All the same field markings except for the symmetry--this is probably just an aberrantly shaped member of the same species.

 photo IMG_7573_zps6e8986e5.jpg
And this one, which needed a little assistance to stand upright, is probably also the same, but emerged several days earlier than the others, and is showing its age with its convex cap and blue bruised tube surface.

 photo IMG_7560_zps618e57b4.jpg
I smelled this before I saw it. I actually passed by it several times before I realized, "hey there's a stinkhorn somewhere around here." (Phallus ravenelli)

 photo IMG_7568_zpscb7d8a47.jpg
This is the next day--the first stinkhorn is spent and flaccid, while the new ones are misshapen and fused. They don't always look like their pictures in the field guides!

 photo IMG_7575_zps316a8d23.jpg
Not far away, the mulch supports a second species of stinkhorn fungus! (Mutinus caninus)

 photo IMG_7576_zps06d8b051.jpg
And of course there was plenty of lichenized fungi around, making the palm trees look lush and jungly.


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