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Busch Gardens, part three

 photo IMG_7501_zpsdc954820.jpg
Meet Eva, a 53 year old retired circus hippo.

 photo IMG_7499_zpsad28660d.jpg
Eva shares her pool with another female hippo, a few schools of cichlids, and a buttload of non-collection animals.

 photo IMG_7496_zps0ba6ccbc.jpg
As charming as Eva was (she's really charming), this exhibit was really fun to visit because the non-collection cormorants were swimming around catching fish.

 photo IMG_7502_zps112273ee.jpg
There was no rushing by this exhibit.

 photo IMG_7503_zpsdb30b2f8.jpg
A congress of meerkats, stained by their exhibit's red dirt.

 photo IMG_7504_zps0dab220d.jpg
I'm so jealous of zoos in warm climates--look at this expanse of rolling landscape for the giraffes.

 photo IMG_7508_zpseaa0da84.jpg
It has to be big, because they drive truckloads of paying guests (27 dollars for the privilege) in to feed the giraffes.

 photo IMG_7510_zps8494a017.jpg
Meanwhile, in ancient Egypt, my brother lounges against a sacred statue (Horus, maybe?)

 photo IMG_7515_zpsd92a53d6.jpg
Then it was time to go up, up, up!

 photo IMG_7513_zpsbbf1e185.jpg
Great view of this hoofstock, who must be very used to the Skyride running all day. I don't know what these are; they are patterned like Bongo but they are deer-shaped.

 photo IMG_7516_zps6a98660f.jpg
The Ankole is an African breed of cattle with enormous horns--they hold the record for largest horn circumference among cattle. I first assumed this was a bull, based on that jazz under the belly, but the females also have that. All we can say for sure is that it feels good to scratch between the horns.

 photo IMG_7518_zps920e35a4.jpg

 photo IMG_7522_zpsd20db6e9.jpg
This picture would be verboten at my own place of work--no pictures through fencing! But I knew this would be my best shot at photographing this purple turaco.

 photo IMG_7527_zps484e0d5b.jpg
This is a little wordy...

 photo IMG_7528_zps0afccacc.jpg
But that is a lot of gulls.

 photo IMG_7529_zps71363065.jpg
Look at the brave baby flamingo swimming in deep water, among the koi!


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Sep. 14th, 2014 02:28 pm (UTC)
Chances are good that the striped antelope are nyala.
Sep. 14th, 2014 02:52 pm (UTC)
I believe you are correct! Thanks, I should have known you'd step in! :)

Big ungulate workshop at the 2015 AAZK conference, by the way.
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