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October Urban Nature Walk at Cedar Grove Cemetery

 photo IMG_3999_zps64e4b483.jpg
I am indebted to my friend Ale (pronounced Allie) for suggesting the Cedar Grove Cemetery for our October Urban Nature Walk. It's large, beautiful, and unique. It borders the Boston neighborhood of Dorchester on one side and the Neponset River on the other. It is well-planted with sugar maples and other plants that are aglow with autumn colors (including the Boston ivy shown here).

 photo IMG_3973_zpsfab7df10.jpg
One small section had a thick stand of Japanese knotweed. This invasive species is well known to reduce biodiversity where it grows, as not many North American species will feed on it or use it as habitat.

 photo IMG_3972_zps0e035e50.jpg
But someone didn't tell that to the bird that made this nest in it. That's a hopeful sign!

 photo IMG_3971_zpse16db342.jpg
In contrast to many of the graveyards we've explored in Boston, this one is quite contemporary, in fact this stone memorializes two people who don't appear to have passed yet.

 photo IMG_3975_zpsf2ef011c.jpg
There are a good number of Masonic symbols on the early 20th century stones, this one nicely flecked with lichen.

 photo IMG_3998_zps04d19dff.jpg
This was the first time I'd seen this particular Buddhist symbol on a gravestone.

 photo IMG_3974_zpsc518c45a.jpg
This lichen thallus looks like it might be a Green Man when you aren't paying attention.

 photo IMG_3985_zpsb4c84e30.jpg
The choice of a ghost as a decoration at this columbarium struck us as bizarre.

 photo IMG_3977_zps8c6946c5.jpg
Other decoration was more poignant. "I miss you Uncle John."

 photo IMG_3978_zpsea9c41fc.jpg

 photo IMG_3981_zps885faeda.jpg
Cedar Grove, unique among graveyards, is bisected by a trolley line.

 photo IMG_3982_zps0c582185.jpg

 photo IMG_3991_zps2c4fb961.jpg
And along one edge you can see the Neponset River, surrounded by protected land.

 photo IMG_4003_zps95243965.jpg
lizziebelle looks at the koi in this little contemplation pool

 photo IMG_4004_zps5613055c.jpg
While Sarah pets the moss.

 photo IMG_4006_zpsf6a99ce6.jpg
I stepped on this mushroom while distracted by a group of about 50 motorcyclists that came through the cemetery. I picked it and brought it home to try to get a spore print to no avail. But its appearance, habitat, and odor (strongly fragrant and pleasant) are fairly distinctive: this is Lepista nuda, the blewit--another first of many for me on this day!
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