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100 More Species #99: Blue Wood Aster

 photo IMG_3547_zps08588869.jpg
Blue wood aster (Heart-leaf aster) Symphyotrichum cordifolium

In late September my deliberate neglect of the yard bears fruit. Tall rangy weeds in the shady corners and other places finally burst forth with bluish daisy-like flowers. This year one plant came up right in front of a frequently used gate--it took all of our collective patience not to pull the darned thing, but now it's made the transformation from weed to wildflower.

 photo IMG_3551_zpse2325671.jpg
The side of the yard under the white pines is especially thick with blue wood asters.

 photo IMG_3626_zps7007d854.jpg
Insects have eaten the foliage so thoroughly that it took me a while to find a heart-shaped leaf that was intact.

This species appeared on this blog as 365 urban species #269: Heart-leaf Aster.
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