The Urban Pantheist (urbpan) wrote,
The Urban Pantheist

Where do you get environmentally responsible meat? From my friends, apparently.

I discovered a grass-fed beef producer at the Roslindale farmers' market yesterday, and posted about it on facebook because I had just had conversations irl with friends at work about where to get locally/humanely produced meat. (Lawton's Farm in Foxboro, by the way.) A friend replied that one could also go to a mutual friend's farm in Lee Massachusetts, in the Berkshires.

This was astounding to me because I had been trying to find that friend off and on for the past 12 years. She was very kind to my first wife and I, especially when we traveled across country like idealistic wastrels and let us stay at her place in California. I knew that she didn't live there any more but had no idea where she ended up.

So it was cool to find out that she was back in Massachusetts. A google search of the name of her farm turned up this nice video (it's a slide show with voice over) with my friend and her husband talking about how they run their farm. Their livestock are pastured on vast acreage (by my city boy standards) and they are reclaiming chunks of the land from invasive shrubs with the use of goats. The sell beef, mutton, eggs and other good looking stuff. It's a little out of the way for me to shop there regularly, but next time I go to see my dad I'm definitely planning to jaunt up to farm country for a visit.
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