Rating the months

This pertains to New England particularly Boston.

1. June: Summer solstice arrives, the college students leave, traffic opens up, usually nice and warm without being swampy.

2. October: Surprisingly pleasant weather for what is the most autumn of autumn months. Peak foliage and Halloween.

3. May: Spring arrives in its fullness after two months of false starts and witholding. Contains the most best days of the year.

4. July: The most summer of the summer months, long nights and cookouts, the promise of never having winter again.

5. September: Some of the best weather of the year marred by the "back to school feeling." Mosquitoes are still around.

6. August: The creeping feeling of summer ending keeps the month that contains my birthday from being in the top five. Tends to have the most soupy weather, too.

7. April: Switches between freezing cold and weirdly warm from weekend to weekend. Plants are starting to sprout--at least the invasive ones. Technically spring but we know better.

8. January: I know, this surprised me too. If we are going to have any winter at all it should be in the month of January. Contains the promise of a new year.

9. March: the only reason this isn't in number 12 is that the other months suck more. Contains the vernal equinox but is really the 5th month of Winter.

10. November: fucking terrible. Every day reminds you of the coldness of the grave.

11. December: sure let's have our big midwinter celebration just as winter is beginning, and then feel like killing ourselves for four months straight!

12. February: the longest month by far. My wedding anniversary is in this month in part to have an excuse to miss Valentine's day, and to leave New England in the slush and ice.


what's it like here?

this planthopper nymph thinks I should start posting on livejournal again
this planthopper nymph thinks I should start posting on livejournal again

Apparently I can copy and paste photos, instead of storing them on Photobucket (which is a terrible scam)


Creativity 2017

So, much of 2016 was terrible. I won't go into why, you either agree with me or you think the chicago cubs are more important than america. So much death and heartbreak, and my response has been to drink way too much, eat garbage, and scroll down my tumblr page with a dead look in my eyes. In an effort to become a healthy productive member of the Resistance, I am making this post to remind myself that creativity is the animating force of humanity, and that making an effort to be creative--even if that output is terrible, and much of it will be--will make me feel like a better human.

BLOGGING: if I can get god damned photobucket to work, I'll resume taking pictures of urban nature and dogs and public art and other things that make me happy, and post them here. And tumblr and probably facebook too.

NATURE WALKS: This continues to be vital--get out there, take pictures, talk to people about what we're seeing, blog about it, watch the seasons change, drink in life and nature.

PODCASTS: I kind of have two now: Species of Least Concern, which is about urban nature and such, and Doc Talks, which is conversations with my dad. I have other ideas too, the limiting factors are my own damn laziness, and the fact that it costs money to upload and store these things. I'm on soundcloud at the moment.

MUSIC: I love music and I wish I made some. It's kind of easy to make on GarageBand. It will be terrible, but I should just do it. No one needs to hear it. I'm better at coming up with titles than anything else--two songs that need to be written include "Kill the Nazis" and "White People Get Your Shit Together."

CLAY: My most persistent fantasies involve making stuff out of clay--I have an airy comfortable studio, Alexis throws beautiful pots and vases, and I make monsters to stick on them. I do not have a studio or a wheel, but I do have a box of Sculpey and I should get back to making monsters with it.

BATTLE VEST: I have no need for a battle vest, a piece of denim armor covered in buttons, patches, spikes, and bones. And yet I keep making one, in my imagination. I blame @KatieAaberg. I have a shit ton of patches and buttons, all I need is the vest and the ability to sew. It would be good to know how to sew. It would be fun to resume collecting bones, too.

Other things: I dunno. I'm writing this with an overcaffeinated brain during a break at work. The above items were making my mind itch, but I'm sure there's other stuff that I want to be creative with that I'm not thinking of right now. Also I ran out of anti-depressants two days ago so I should probably deal with that.

Charlie memories

Loving a dog means getting your heart broken in 10 to 15 years. You know it's going to happen, but there is no way to prepare for it. This week he stopped eating and drinking, and on the infrequent times that he would walk, he would shake himself and fall down. We sent him back to the universe at 10 am this morning.

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