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Species of Least Concern, episode 2

Hey everyone! The second episode of my podcast is up!

Please listen to it and if you like it, "like" it on facebook. If you don't like it, don't be shy tell me why!

If you want me to keep making them, please offer suggestions for topics or send me stuff to identify! Future episodes will have other peoples' voices besides my own, as I hope to hold interviews via skype, or even in person if I can swing it!

It's only eleven minutes long, just put it on as you do the dishes or something.


I have the day off, but it's not for fun. I have to be under house arrest from 12 to 5 waiting for the gas company to show up. The best case scenario is that they come at noon, are gone by one, and I can be free to move about and give the dogs a long walk or something. Much more likely is that they arrive at 4:45 after I've been looking outside longingly all day--or better yet, call at 5 to reschedule.

Ah well, at least I can try to do some stuff out of the house before noon, and some stuff in the house after. I had such a fun weekend that I accomplished nothing.

So to keep this post from being tedious, I'll ask for a music/audio suggestion. What should I bring to listen to with my dad on our trip to Yellowstone? I'm bringing at least one Willie Nelson album, and an audio book. (It's 'Assassination Vacation' by Sarah Vowell. I'm hoping it will cover our overlapping interests--his interest in history, mine in all things morbid. I am a bit worried that her voice will drive us both buggy after an hour or so.) What do you suggest for long drives out west?

Tell me where to go

My dad and I are going to Yellowstone on the last week of July. We'll fly into Salt Lake on a Saturday, stay there for the night, and then drive on up into Idaho and then we have reservations in a place in Gardiner Montana. I booked us a "wildlife safari" on Monday, but otherwise everything is booked up, this being the busiest time of the year for the place.

So what should we do, what should we see? We'll spend some time driving around the park looking at geysers and hopefully big animals (I understand some of the bears try to make off with pickinick baskets) and such, but what else? I want to see Bozeman, mostly because David Quammen lives there and speaks highly of it. I know nothing about this part of the country, and I'm going to 3 states (Idaho, Montana, Wyoming) that I've never been to. You tell me.


Hey, you guys! A couple questions regarding the web, and your usage of:

Do you have an automatic news thingie that sends you news stories based on keywords or subjects? Which one?

Are you on any other social networking site(s) than livejournal? Why? What's good about the others?

Where's the sci-fi?

An awful lot of the movies I've been reviewing lately have been horror movies. Halloween is to blame for some of that: I see it coming and load my queue up with more horror movies than i could watch in a year. I'd like to review some sci-fi/adventure type movies, but I don't have many on the way. Here's a run-down of what i have coming that netflix considers 'Sci-fi/fantasy.' What do you think i should review?

pick what i should review from a long list of moviesCollapse )

Hawaii suggestions?

Hey gang! A week from today I'll be in Hawaii with my dad! Any suggestions for activities or places to see? We are going for a very short time: 3 days on Oahu and 3 days on Kauai. I've bookmarked eco-cultural calendars for each island, and my dad's travel agent has probably set up some stuff for us, but I always get great suggestions from the Lj crowd.

"Another vacation?! When do you work?"

We're taking a couple days off and hanging out in Austin Texas! So far we really like it. Apparently it's cooler than normal, which means about 20 degrees warmer than Boston. Nicely warm. On our first day here we've seen a few interesting animals, including the famous Congress street bats. kkbb and nathanblack have generously showed us around the town and hooked us up with fun and extremely reasonably priced entertainment. Tomorrow we'll go down to the coast to see what that's like, and then the next day we'll wander the city some more, and try to get a feel for it. Anyway, what I'm saying is, I won't be updating the 365 project today, or probably the next couple days, and I'll catch up when we get back. It will be worth the wait, I promise.


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