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Night blooms

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On my way back from a secret tavern (don't ask, it's a secret) I came across the first agarics of the year! "Agaric" is an informal term for gilled mushrooms that have a cap and stem. These mica caps (Coprinellus micaceus) are emerging from one of those little squares of dirt given to a tree in the sidewalk. They are feeding on the dead tissue of the stressed tree's roots.

3:00 snapshot #1368

3:00 snapshot #1117

I had Monday off so I went with Alexis to a client's house to let Turtle play with Cricket. (Also pictured: Missy)

3:00 snapshot #1108 MORE GIANT RABBITS

On Saturday Alexis and I took the new pup to Dedham Square to see the giant rabbits.

[more giant rabbits!]

The puppy (his name is Tomato, or perhaps Turtle) got to meet lots of new friends.

I got to see the rabbits I missed when my dad and I tried to find them all.

The whole point of the rabbits is the famous Dedham Pottery; the most famous motif of this pottery was a rabbit. This piece captures the look of Dedham Pottery.

Dedham pottery was a stoneware with a thick crackled glaze.

This one is "Totem" also known as "The Mother's Rabbit," dedicated to mothers everywhere.

One of my favorite mothers poses with it, with many native New England animals visible in the painting.

The facts that my mom was born in Dedham, that this bunny was covered with the nature of New England, and that it was painted by someone with my surname all made me feel close to it. I would have liked to have won it in auction, but they all went for over 1200 dollars each, some for more than 5000. Out of my range, alas.

"Patch," By Iris Sonnenschein.

After seeing the bunnies we slipped across the border to check out the art at our friends' house at the Roslindale Open Studios.

A post about dogs and mushrooms

I know you're all shocked that I would post about dogs and mushrooms, but that happened to be what I took pictures of yesterday. Now you're even more shocked: pictures as recent as the day before?
Anyway, Charlie here is laying in a fairy arc--not quite a ring--made of Mirasmius oreades mushrooms. They're pretty small, so maybe I need to use some fairy magic to make the arc more visible.

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Canterbury Urban Wilds

I have a feeling that a lot of the Urban Wilds are like this one: A little piece of land between a school's playing field and the abutting neighbor's yards. It's as if the Urban Wilds people went over all the city maps looking for pieces of land that everyone forgot that the city owned. Which I guess is good to a point. It would be fine if they were just undeveloped, but what happens is they become magnets for trash dumping, since no one is maintaining them, and no one is trying to stop the dumping. This Urban Wild is completely fenced off and inaccessible. I walked completely around it in a few minutes just to see what its features were.

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