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Just got a link from smallerdemon (by way of metafilter).

Beautiful subways from around the world.

Not surprising: Tons of European subways.

Surprising: Tehran, Pyongyang, Los Angeles.

Nice to see: Ones I've been on: Boston, Washington, Santiago.

Feb. 4th, 2005

A trail of raccoon tracks led throught the freshly fallen slush, right to the platform where I get the train. I wonder what stop he got off at?

Mar. 18th, 2004

I was disappointed, this morning, when they announced that my commuter train was boarding. I was having so much fun watching the pigeons! One waits for the trains indoors, on one of the very few benches, or more often, standing near the fast food kiosks. Double automatic sliding doors lead to the platforms. When a train arrives, the flood of passengers means that the door stay open for several minutes.

Enterprising pigeons fly in over the crowds to hunt for crumbs in the station. I crouched to offer crumbs of my breakfast sandwich, and the birds recognized the posture. Soon, one young female pigeon was taking pieces from my fingertips. I kept my actions discreet not wishing to draw the ire of those whose job it is to keep the floor clean.

After I stopped, another passenger-in-waiting, a woman also with a standing breakfast, began dropping crumbs. Her more brazen feeding attracted a plump, if drab male bird. He chased off competitors and deftly danced beneath the feet of the crowds of commuters. He even took the opportunity to engage in some courting behavior: strutting, puffing, cooing. A group of five pigeons in total milled about.

A young lady who I'll diagnose with aviphobia was seated on the nearest bench, reading. When a pigeon got near she shot out her foot, and a disgusted look. The birds retreated just out of kicking range, only momentarily distracted from their feeding and courting activities.

Ah, Nature!


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