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3:00 snapshot #762

I managed to not write a book review I promised to, by tomorrow. I'm very good at procrastinating, and with the weather hot and sunny, I don't even have to do anything in particular. I just go outside--without shoes, sometimes without a shirt (whoops burnt the hell out of my back today)--and pick weeds, or drink ice water, or otherwise enjoy the fact that I'm not wearing a coat.
First snowfall that stuck this year. Very pretty light snow as seen from the window, and I'm actually very excited to get out and experience it in person. I know I'm the first to complain about snow but I don't have to drive anywhere, and it's not going to require any (or much) shoveling, and it will probably mostly melt today. I'm kind of anxious to get outside because I want to photograph it while it's still stuck to the trees and stuff.

I was going to post about where we are with deciding to move but I think I'll wait so I can use my "not complaining about the weather for once" tag.

Weather note

You may have noticed me conspicuously NOT complaining about the weather.  This is because I like summer weather, even when it's hot and sweaty and hard to work in.  Last night I was driving to a friend's birthday party after 10 p.m. and the guy on the radio said it was 81 degrees.  All day long it has been gray and humid and the air felt so FULL like it was going to burst.  About five minutes ago--about 30 seconds after Alexis and I agreed that the air felt pregnant and when was the rain going to start already--it burst.  The sounds of the storm drowned out our playing of Rock Band.  The lightning strikes are all within a mile of our house, and some sound like they are much closer.  It sounds like someone beating on huge pieces of sheet metal.  Finally the rain is here, soaking the streets.   It's all so beautiful.  If I lived (as I probably will someday) in the south, I'd be afraid.  It seems that every time there's a storm there someone dies.  In New England we view thunderstorms as welcome respites from the heat.  I love them.

I have to go rock out some more, Alexis commands it.

Noticing the year: 05/27/08

We had our first genuinely HOT day of the year today, followed by a quick blast of thundershowers. The flower-pummeled air feels heavy and sweet like someone poured honey all over everything.

Over the last few days the insects have finally woken up--the real good ones, like tiger swallowtails, big dragonflies, lots of little blue butterflies (which are called 'blues' go figure), and various others. The pest control duties are going to kick into high gear soon, with at least three species of stinging insect noticed today. I don't have anything against any of them, but I have no qualms with preventing them from breeding on the buildings and in the exhibits. I killed three carpenter bees with my hat.

I thought back on this weekend, and it was really remarkably full of good stuff. I saw my first rock show in years (Firewater), took the dogs on three different field trips, went to a cookout where I played bocci and badminton, and saw three movies--none of which were all that great, but still!

It feels kinda like summer, and it's really nice.

Just learned about myself

Apparently my favorite kind of weather is in the 70's, humid, and windy--exactly what we had today. I loved riding my bike through the park seeing all the autumn leaves twirl around in little tornadoes! Looked like fall, felt like summer. Perfect. (ymmv)

Then we walked the dogs around the town, seeing all the lit up doorways I'm fascinated with for some reason, and me still wearing a t-shirt. No jacket!


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