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Just a quick note to inform you if you don't already know (or subscribe to the rss feed), there's a new batch of "Get your war on" (My new Filing Technique is Unstoppable) comics out. David Rees tackles murderous vets, the state of the union address, and the primaries, and I found myself reading them out loud to Alex and Alexis, laughing my head off (so much for my no more politics pledge--I should have told you to read my lips).

For Example:

Rees appears to be promising that this comic strip series will end with the Bush administration. Fortunately for his fans, he will continue to be very actively funny in various other ways. For example, if I lived in Brooklyn, I'd be going to this tonight.

Also, I should be leaving the house and going to work, but it's still pitch black out. Can I call in with SAD?

EDIT: oh, and gung hay fat choy everyone, especially my brother. This "year of the rat" is going to seem humorlessly ironic to this pest control technician. My favorite rodent species (as a pet) has become a very difficult problem to solve in my day to day.

Repeating some political advice:

If you can vote in a primary this week, I urge you to vote for Obama. I'm not thrilled with his record, his lack of experience, or the style-over-substance that seems to characterize him in general. But I truly believe that he has a better chance to win in the November general election than Senator Clinton.

The reasons for this are mostly bad: conservative leaning independents never much cared for her, feel bitter about Monica-gate, or think she's "a bitch." It doesn't matter--what matters is that there are huge numbers of Americans who wouldn't vote for Clinton if she was running against Montgomery Burns, Count Chocula, or Charlie Manson. And if the Republicans nominate McCain (who even I think is the best member of their field) she wouldn't stand a chance. If every registered Democrat voted the party line, the Republicans would still take it.

I'm one to talk: I voted for a third party candidate in 2000 (not even Nader). But now I'm a car-driving meat-eating middle aged man, and I'm scared to death that the extreme right will continue their chokehold on democracy: spying on Americans, torturing prisoners, bankrupting the public schools, overextending the military on follies and lies, trying to overturn roe v wade, and making enemies out of the rest of the world including former allies and brand new states. I don't think any Democrat will magically fix everything, but I think any Republican will continue to make me feel less safe, and more ashamed. Even McCain. Who will win if the Democrats nominate Hillary Clinton.

bonus endorsement from David Rees:Collapse )

For the New Yorkers

I know New York City can be a dull staid place, and people who live near there languish for lack of entertainment or intellectual stimulation, but I just got this message in my email that I though I'd share:

Dear Mailing List,

It's election season! And although I will go to my grave a die-hard supporter of the DYNAMIC, FRESH-FACED PHENOMENON that is FRED THOMPSON, I have been "hornswoggled" into participating in a fundraiser for some ol' fuddy-duddy named Barack Obama.

I was reviewing the line-up and started busting a gut in the mere ANTICIPATION of the "threat-level-omega" laughtivity that is gonna be unleashed:

Aziz Ansari, Eugene Mirman, Heather Lawless, Andrea Rosen, Slovin and Allen, Todd Barry, David Rees, Whitest Kids U Know, Laura Krafft, Greg Johnson + More!

If, like me, you'd prefer that the keys to the White House are not passed back and forth between Bushes and Clintons like a goddamn Myrtle Beach time-share, I encourage you to attend this event!

Barack Obama Comedy Benefit
Tuesday, January 29
The Knitting Factory
New York, NY
8:00 PM / $25


Thanks for your interest,
David Rees

I can't vouch for those other jokers, but David Rees (I think of him as my friend Cal) is pants-wettingly hilarious (in print and in person).


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