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3:00 snapshot #609


An item for the silent auction: Souvenir of Allston Machete.

This weekends' goings on

There are two events happening this weekend which may overcome my usual inertia.

Today and Tomorrow is the Allston Open Studios. I've never been, not even in the ten or twelve years that I lived in the neighborhood (and was an art student and such). The current soaking rain is keeping me from heading over there at the moment.

Tomorrow is a benefit for Pinups for Pitbulls. They put out a calendar featuring pretty girls and cute dogs together, and they are selling the latest one at the event. It's happening at a place called Revolution Rock Bar (warning: music plays when link is clicked) which I've never heard of. It calls itself "Boston's Hippest Nightclub for Dancing, DJs, Live music and more," which makes me feel like I'm probably too old and unhip for the place. But hey, it's for educating people about pit bulls and should be full of women dressed in quasi-retro 50's ish burlesque rockabilly sexywear so that oughta be worth leaving the house.

Maybe I'll see you there!

Winter conditions (let's be honest) make us look harder for the beauty and life. We stumbled upon a whole row of witch hazels that we had no idea were there. Since these are blooming in the fall, there's a good chance they are the native plant American Witch-hazel Hamamelis virginiana. (Putting that Sibley book to use right away.)

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Slushy time at the big River

Me and Charlie in the Arnold Arboretum

Yesterday we took the dogs down to the Charles River, in Allston.
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3:00 snapshot, #211.


I had the day off today, and at 3:00 Alexis had just come home for lunch. (In case you are wondering, my t-shirt is Fancy Froglin, supporting the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.)

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On this day in 365 Urban Species, a bit of an oddity: devil's walkingstick.

Lila's birthday party

black and tan
These are the pictures that were taken with Amy's camera, and my camera, by the assembled drunks at Lila's birthday party at the Model. Probably if you weren't there these won't be very interesting, but we had fun.

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Store dogs

Charlie's jacket
I'm a full week and a day behind with my pictures! These are from last Monday. I was visiting Ritual Arts, where my friend Toni and her many pets are. She had a new dog, Chupacabra:

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3:00 snapshot, #32.

boston in january

Behind Brighton Ave., in Allston.

Store cat

oak man
Look out, friends list--It's Monday, time for all my pictures to come atcha!

Ritual Arts has a new store cat.


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